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1. Book Fundamentals of sequential and parallel algorithms

by Berman, Kenneth A; Paul, Jerome L.

Publisher: Boston : PWS Publishing, 1997Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.9.A43B47 1997 ] (1). Actions: Add to cart
2. Book Data stuctures, algorithms, and software principles in C

by Standish, Thomas A.

Publisher: Reading, Massachusetts : Addison-Wesley Publishing, c1995Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73.C15S69 1995 ] (5). Actions: Add to cart
3. Book Algorithms in C++

by Sedgewick, Robert.

Edition: 3rd.ed Publisher: Boston : Addison-Wesley, 2002Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73 S38 2002 ] (1). Actions: Add to cart
4. Book Data structures and algorithms in Java

by Goodrich, Michael T; Tamassia, Roberto.

Publisher: New York : John Wiley, 1998Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73.J38G66 1998 ] (5). Actions: Add to cart
5. Book Algorithm development and program design using C

by Bronson, Gary J.

Edition: 1st.ed. Publisher: Boston : PWS Publishing Company, 1996Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73 B869 1996 ] (1). Actions: Add to cart
6. Book Struktur data & algoritma menggunakan C++

by Nor Bahiah Ahmad.

Publisher: Johor : UTM, 2005Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73 S784 2005 ] (1). Actions: Add to cart
7. Book Computer algorithms : introduction to design and analysis

by Baase, Sara; Van Gelder, Allen.

Edition: 3rd. ed. Publisher: Reading, Massachusetts : Addison-Wesley, c2000Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.9.A43B33 2000] (5). Actions: Add to cart
8. Book Algorithms and data structures in C++

by Ammeraal, Leendert.

Publisher: New York : John Wiley & Sons, 1999Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73 A45 1999 ] (3). Actions: Add to cart
9. Book Algorithms and data structures : the basic toolbox

by Mehlhorn, Kurt; Sanders, Peter.

Publisher: Berlin : Springer, c2008Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.9.D35 M498 2008] (2). Copies available for reference: [QA76.9.D35 M498 2008] (1 ).
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10. Book Data structures and algorithm analysis in C++

by Weiss, Mark Allen.

Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: Boston : Pearson Education, c2006Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73.C153 W429 2006 ] (2). Actions: Add to cart
11. Book Data structures and algorithms in C++

by Drozdek, Adam.

Publisher: Boston : PWS Publishing, 1996Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73.C153 D76 1996] (19). Copies available for reference: [QA76.73.C153 D76 1996] (1 ).
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12. Book Data structures and algorithm analysis in C++

by Shaffer, Clifford A.

Edition: THIRD EDITIONAvailability: Copies available for loan: [QA76.73.C153 .W429 2011] (1). Actions: Add to cart
13. Book Numerical Computational Methods

by Patil, P. B. (Prabhakar Baliram); Verma, U. P.

Publisher: Oxford, U.K. : Alpha Science International, 2006Availability: Copies available for loan: [QA297 .P345 2006] (1). Actions: Add to cart
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