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1. Book Management : leadership in action

by Mosley, Donald C; Pietri, Paul H; Megginson, Leon C. Management, concepts and applications.

Edition: 5th ed.Publisher: New York : HarperCollins College Publishers, 1996Availability: Copies available for reference: [HD31 M394 1995] (1 ). Actions: Add to cart
2. Book Management

by Daft, Richard L.

Publisher: Fort Worth,Texas The Dryden Press, 1997Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD30.4.D124 1997 ] (5). Actions: Add to cart
3. Book Management : meeting and exceeding customer expectation

by Plunkett, Warren R; Attner, Raymond R.

Edition: 6th. edition Publisher: Ohio : International Thomson Publishing, 1997Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD31 P55 1996] (3). Actions: Add to cart
4. Book Management

by Samson, Danny; Daft, Richard L.

Publisher: Australia : Thomson, 2005Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD31 S353 2005] (3). Actions: Add to cart
5. Book Management

by Stoner, James A.F.

Edition: 2nd.ed. Publisher: Sydney : Prentice Hall, 1994Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD30.25.S878 1994 ] (3). Actions: Add to cart
6. Book Management : how to do it

by Payne, John; Payne, Shirley.

Publisher: Hampshire, England : Gower Publishing, 1999Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD30.4.P983 1999 ] (1). Actions: Add to cart
7. Book Management

by Hitt, Michael A; Porter, Lyman W; Stewart Black, J.

Publisher: Upper Saddle River,New Jersey : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005Availability: Copies available for reference: [HD31 H5327 2005 ] (1 ). Actions: Add to cart
8. Book Management

by Schermerhorn, John R.

Edition: 6th. ed. Publisher: New York : John Wiley & Sons, 1999Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD31.S3326 1999 ] (2). Copies available for reference: [HD31.S3326 1999] (1 ).
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9. Book Management : meeting new challenges

by Black, J. Stewart; Porter, Lyman W.

Publisher: New Jersey : Prentice Hall, 2000Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD31.B517 2000] (1). Copies available for reference: [HD31.B517 2000] (1 ).
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10. Book Management : leading people and organizations in the 21st century

by Dessler, Gary.

Publisher: New Jersey : Prentice Hall, 1998Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD31 D4863 1998] (2). Copies available for reference: [HD31 D4863 1998] (3 ).
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11. Book Management : a practical introduction

by Kinicki, Angelo; Williams, Brian K.

Edition: Fourth EditionOnline Access: Table of contents only Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD31 .K474 2009] (2). Actions: Add to cart
12. Book Project management best practices : achieving global excellence

by Kerzner, Harold.

Edition: 2nd ed.Publisher: Hoboken, N.J. : New York : John Wiley & Sons ; International Institute for Learning, 2010Availability: Copies available for loan: [HD69.P75 K472 2010] (1). Actions: Add to cart
13. Book Principles of supply chain management

by Wisner, Joel D; Keah-Choon Tan; G. Keong Leong.

Publisher: Cengage Learning, 2008Availability: Book (1) Actions: Add to cart
14. Book Foundations of financial management

by Block, Stanley B.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill 2019Availability: Book (1) Actions: Add to cart
15. Book The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management

by Alan, R., Phil, C., & Peter , B.

Publisher: Kogen Page 2017Availability: Book (1) Actions: Add to cart
16. Book Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide to Improving Efficiency and Minimizing Costs in the Modern Warehouse

by Richard,Gwynne.

Edition: Third editionPublisher: Kogen Page Availability: Book (1) Actions: Add to cart
17. Book Maritime logistics : a guide to contemporary shipping and port management

by Song, Dong-Wook , Panayides, Photis M.

Publisher: Kogan Page 2015Availability: Book (1) Actions: Add to cart
18. Book Financial management and decision making

by Samuels, J. M. (John Malcolm); Brayshaw, Robin; Wilkes, Michael.

Publisher: London : International Thomson Business Press, 1999Other title: Financial management & decision making.Availability: Copies available for loan: [HG4026 S248 1999] (5). Actions: Add to cart
19. Book Fundamentals of human resource management

by Noe, raymond A.

Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill, 2007Availability: Copies available for loan: [HF5549 F86 2007 ] (3). Actions: Add to cart
20. Book Dictionary of human resources and personnel management

Edition: 3rd. ed. Publisher: London : A & C Black, 2006Availability: Copies available for loan: [HF5549.A23 D545 2006 ] (1). Actions: Add to cart
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